The simplest way to donate a monetary amount to Archimedean is to simply use the simple interface of To do that you need to have a paypal account or a credit card. Click the folowing image and fill out the required information.

Another way that we are trying to raise money for Archimedean is by placing advertisements from Google Inc. on our websites. We do not encourage you to click the ad links that appear, but if you do see something that you are interested in please go ahead and click :).

Please keep in mind that the Google Ads that are displayed are automatically pulled from Google's servers. If you see offensive or questionable content please email us at [email protected].

Moreover, if you are an internet enterpreneur or just someone that likes to sell on eBay© you can help raise money for our schools. Archimedean has a MissionFish account ( When you list an item for sale on eBay©, you can select Archimedean as the receipient of 10-100% of the preceeds the auction. This is done through eBay Giving Works and your listing will show up before any other listing. More information can be found here.


Every year there are many events organized to raise funds for our Schools. These events are organized by various departments or by parents participating in the PTO or PTSO. The list of fundraising events will be updated during the year. Some of the events are:

Please do your best to support our schools.